13th February 2020

Staff members from a hospital cancer care ward are looking for volunteers to help run activities for patients.
Waddington Unit at Lincoln County Hospital is a haematology and oncology unit caring for patients receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy and end of life care.
Staff on the ward are setting up a project to introduce meaningful activities which will be beneficial to patients in different stages of diagnosis and treatment.
Volunteers are being sought to help patient participate in meaningful activities, with the aim of improving patients’ hospital stay, their wellbeing, promoting dignity and, reducing length of stay.
Polly Johnson, Ward Manager said: “The aim of our Meaningful Activity Services is to increase patient wellbeing. This is a really exciting and beneficial opportunity for patients on our ward, but we really need support from volunteers.
“We are asking volunteers to spare a few hours a week, month or fortnight to teach or supervise a range of creative crafts. These can include a book club, storytelling, yoga, mindfulness, reflexology or any other ideas and hobbies to involve patients to help focus their mind on other activities rather than treatments and diagnosis.”
If you are able to support this or would like to volunteer, please call 01522 572255 or 01522 572258 for further information.

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